DC Polit. Ec. Seminar

The objective of the DC Political Economy seminar series is to create a forum for presentation and discussion of ongoing research in Comparative Politics and Political Economy to experts (both political scientists and economists) working in institutions in the DC area in order to foster synergies and collaboration. The series is hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank and it meets once a month.

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List of presenters has included:

Avidit Acharya (University of Rochester), "Does Caste Bias in India Generate Corruption or Affect Distribution Policies?"

Roger Betancourt (University of Maryland), "Unbundling Democracy"

Matteo Bobba (IDB), "Redistributive Politics and Cash Transfer Programs"

Alejandro Bonvecchi (Universidad Di Tella), "Legislating Inequality Fiscal Imbalance: The Amendment of Tax Policy in the Argentine Congress"

Laurent Bouton (Boston University), "Strategic Voting in Runoff Elections"

Fernanda Brollo (University of Warwick), "The Political Economy of Enforcing Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil"

Ernesto Calvo (University of Maryland), "Legislator Success in Fragmented Congresses"

Daniela Campello (Fundación Getulio Vargas), "Rewarding Merit or Luck? Electoral Accountability in Comparative Perspectives"

Micael Castanheira (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), "Multicandidate Elections: Aggregate Uncertainty in the Laboratory"

Josep Colomer (Georgetown University), "The More Parties, the Greater Policy Stability"

Tito Cordella (World Bank), "Sharing Oil Rents and Political Violence"

Cesi Cruz (University of British Columbia), "Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes"

Ernesto Dal Bó (University of Berkeley), "What we know (and don't know) about who becomes a politician"

Torun Dewan (London School of Economics), "Party Factions and Platform Design"

Allan Drazen (University of Maryland), "Programmatic Targeting"

Amrita Dhillon (King's College, London), "Status Incentives and Corruption"

Ruben Durante (Sciences Po, Paris), "Attack when the World is not Watching?"

Oeindrila Dube (New York University), "Can the Wounds of War be Healed? Experimental Evidence on Reconciliation in Sierra Leone"

Jeffry Frieden (Harvard University), "The politics of the globalization backlash: Sources and implications"

Daniel Gingerich (University of Virginia and IDB), "Can Institutions Cure Clientelism? Assessing the Impact of the Australian Ballot in Brazil"

Carol Graham (Brookings Institution), "The Implications of a Weak Middle Class for Economic Competitiveness and Political Stability in Latin America: Insights from Novel Metrics of Well-Being"

Guy Grossman (University of Pennsylvania), "Does the Territorial Organization of States Affect the Quality of Social Services?"

Mark Hallerberg (Hertie School of Governance), "The Political Economy of Tax Reform"

Kosuke Imai (Princeton University), "Understanding and Improving Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference?"

Pamela Jakiela (University of Maryland), "The Impact of Violence on Risk Aversion"

Stephen Kaplan (George Washington University), "Globalization and Austerity Politics in Latin America"

Philip Keefer (The World Bank), "Private Investment and the Institutionalization of Collective Action in Autocracies"

Stuti Khemani (World Bank)​, "Beyond Incentives: Political Integrity and the Delivery of Public Goods"

Marko Klasnja (Georgetown University), "When do Voters Sanction Corrupt Politicians"

Eric Kramon (George Washington University), "The Moderating Effect of Debates on Political Attitudes"

Paul Lagunes (Columbia University), "Stewards of Accountability: A Field Experiment on Corruption & Inefficiency in Local Public Works"

Roger Lagunoff (Georgetown University), "Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Disclosure and Auditing in Political Systems

Johannes Lindvall (Lund University), "Reform Capacity"

Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva (World Bank), "Consultation on the World Development Report 2017. Governance and the Law"

Ana María Mayda (Georgetown University), "Protection for Free? The Political Economy of U.S. Tariff Suspensions"

Cesar Martinelli (George Mason University), "Electoral Accountability and Responsive Democracy"

Daniel Mejia (Universidad de los Andes and IDB), "Illegal Drug Markets and Violence in Mexico: The Causes Beyond Calderón"

Marian Moszoro (George Mason University), "Political Hazards and the Choice of Contracting: The Case of Municipal Bonds"

Ana de la O (Yale University), "Looking beyond the Incumbent: Exposing Corruption and the Effect on Electoral Outcomes"

Rohini Pande (Harvard University), "The Value of Discretion in the Enforcement of Regulation: Experimental Evidence and Structural Estimates from Environmental Inspections in India"

Nicola Persico (Northwestern Business School), "Public Goods, Redistribution, and Constitutional Design"

Carlo Prato (Georgetown University), "Crises and The Puzzle of Reforms"

Sandra Rozo (University of California, Los Angeles), "On the Effectiveness and Welfare Consequences of Anti-drug Eradication Programs"

Sebastian Saiegh (University of California, San Diego and IDB), "The Radex Structure of Political Conflict: Argentina’s Impossible Game"

Ernesto Stein (IDB), "Ideology and Taxation in Latin America"

Stephane Straub (Toulouse), "Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office in Paraguay"

Thomas Stratmann (George Mason University), "The Efficacy of Political Advertising: A Voter Participation Field Experiment with Multiple Robo Calls and Controls for Selection Effects"

Michael Ting (Columbia University), "Civil Service and Patronage in Bureaucracies"

Mariano Tommasi (Universidad de San Andrés), "The Institutionalization of Political Institutions and the Making of Policy"

Razvan Vlaicu (IDB), "A Structural Model of Electoral Accountability"

Razvan Vlaicu (IDB), "Vote Buying or Campaign Promises?: Electoral Strategies When Party Credibility is Limited"

Cesar Zucco (Rutgers University), "Merit or Luck? International Determinants of Presidential Performance in Latin America"

The list of "founding members" includes :

Roger Betancourt (University of Maryland)

Ernesto Calvo (University of Maryland)

Mauricio Cardenas (Brookings Institution)

Gretchen Helmke (University of Rochester and Woodrow Wilson Center Fellow)

Noel Johnson (George Mason University)

Stephen Kaplan (George Washington University)

Phil Keefer (World Bank)

Fabiana Machado (IDB)

Carlos Pereira (Michigan State University and Brookings Institution)

Carlos Scartascini (IDB)

Ernesto Stein (IDB)

Thomas Stratmann (George Mason University)

Mariano Tommasi (Universidad de San Andrés and IDB)

Razvan Vlaicu (University of Maryland)

Jim Vreeland (Georgetown University)

Stephen Weymouth (Georgetown University)